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Commercial Litigation Financing

Commercial Litigation Financing


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Commercial litigation financing can be a costly and difficult affair, but it’s sometimes necessary. Every smart company protects itself through legal consultation and covering all bases to minimize trouble that could occur further down the road. But sometimes a company is taken to court and it cannot be avoided. Often companies at higher risk of litigation fees include service companies that deal with large amounts of clients on a frequent basis, especially when there is a sensitive operation being performed. In other situations, almost any company could become the victim of a frivolous lawsuit, filed by someone only seeking to exploit a loophole or make profit at your expense.


Commercial litigation attorneys are trained to not only handle these types of cases, but plenty of other scenarios such as multi-million dollar inter-company disputes that involve intellectual property, securities fraud, and environmental litigation. These attorneys know how to both effectively represent victims of unfair commercial enterprise practices, and to also defend companies against legal attacks. Experts in commercial law remain among the most sought after attorneys available, and talented commercial legal experts can save your company’s assets in all manner of disputes and situations.


Not every company is outfitted to handle a major commercial lawsuit, and larger companies often put considerable effort toward their legal department, hiring teams of specialty lawyers as well as consultants who are experts at doing whatever it takes to win a case. If you own a smaller company and you are attempting to take on a much more formidable legal team for the first time, it’s important to have a solid strategy and to be cautious of the expenses. One way you could be coerced into settling the case early is if you simply do not have enough finances to maintain a legal battle, especially if a larger company knows that it can outlast you.


Fortunately, commercial litigation financing is possible through specialized legal loans that your company would not be liable to pay for unless the legal case is won. These types of no-risk loans also naturally without liability if you lose the case. This is one strategy to use if you are caught in a hectic commercial legal battle, and it’s a method to even the odds if you do not have enough resources to take on a long court battle. Whether you are defending your livelihood, or fighting back against an unfair organization, there are resources available to help you achieve justice.


There are several different types of commercial cases that may be eligible for lawsuit funding. Potential cases which could be covered include the following:



Breach of Contract

Class Action

Commercial Litigation

Contract Disputes

• Conversion 

Copyright Litigation


Environmental Litigation 


Intellectual Property

• Judgments, Verdicts, Appeals

• Litigation Funding

Patent Law

• Securities Fraud

• Settlements

• Sexual Harassment


Structured Settlements

Wrongful Termination


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